What kinds of legislation do the NY Assembly and Senate like

In our last blog we spoke to the necessity of having an independent transgender voice that is separate from the LGB. Gender has to come to the fore and sexual orientation ignored when advocating for transgender equality under the law.

But even if we accomplish that, we need to understand the legislative preferences of the NY Legislature. We believe this past year amply demonstrates them.

What did not make it into law?

GENDA. A woman’s right of choice. Consumer protection against unexpected billing. Campaign finance reform. There were others, but these are the most glaring examples.

What they have in common

Not getting to a vote in the Senate

Not having corporate sponsors

Having massive public support

Risky to the status quo

What got into law

Casino gambling. Tax free zones for new corporations. Workman’s compensation reform for public employees. Minimum wage increases coupled with tax breaks for corporations.

What these have in common

Money for the legislators

Corporate sponsorship

Guaranteed campaign funds flow

Lots of lobbying events

A cost to all but the rich

So what we might say about the legislature

Money for legislators is important

Public opinion/wishes are not important

Corporate sponsors are key

Risk to individual legislators is to be avoided

If in doubt, keep the status quo

Must never offend your voting base that can primary you if you do

The legislature is not a democracy of the whole but rather a democracy of legislative districts. If an issue doesn’t fly in the district, it will not be supported.

Do you think you should add one sentence saying something like

So those in control of what goes to the floor have super power to thwart democracy or some such thing 

- this may be true in all legislative bodies, but is it worse in NY??? My ignorance showing

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